Weam is truly a one-of-a-kind human being, and the wisdom she is able to impart in even a single conversation is powerful enough to alter your perception and get your brain starting to think in a new way. When she and I met, I was coming off the heels of my darkest of moments where my entire world was falling apart. I had left my home, lost a great love, and was in the midst of a battle to save my company and was so steeped in the pain and chaos that I couldn't see a path forward. Through a series of conversations over just a few weeks (and later beyond), she provided such profound insight into the issues I was running up against, explained the situation better than anyone ever had, and helped me to understand myself in a way that I never had before. She helped me to see through the chaos to the true core of what I was up against- and what that turned out to be was my own mind. With the seeds she planted, I was able to start shifting my mindset to embrace the lessons that the chaos had brought into my life, and start leveraging the learnings from my situation to propel more positive thoughts and actions moving forward. I will be eternally grateful she came into my life and would recommend her to anyone looking to get out of their mind and into their life - especially those who overthink and over-engineer life like me. She will without a doubt change your life

Stephanie Goldfinger

I’ve always found it really difficult to understand myself and why I’d always act a certain way and run into the same old challenges. For so long, I haven’t been able to really understand the underlying emotions and actions, how my thoughts and ways of speaking to myself would effected me and my self-esteem and feelings of being loved and loving myself. As I started working with Weam, through our sessions, I slowly began to realize how I was manifesting the same patterns & challenges! Weam helped me see and understand that I had to re-write my own story and she gave me very specific tools such as daily guided meditation tools, and journaling tools to help me get in touch with my subconscious and learn more about my inner world that were manifesting my reality. With the help and guidance from Weam, I’ve come to a new level of understanding myself, from a perspective I’ve never seen before! I definitely have a much better understanding of how to pull myself up and out of it and just sit with it and not judge myself when I have negative thoughts. Now I feel EMPOWERED and confident and PROUD of myself! Thank you for helping me on the path to become the type of person I want to be, the empowered, confident, woman that is elevating and loving herself and holds space for others to love her too.


Almost 6 months ago I had a massive breakdown. My anxiety level was high and led me to one episode of panic attack. I didn’t know why because my life was good, my marriage was good....... but it happened. I couldn’t breathe properly and started panicking. I started working with Weam via Skype shortly after the episode and what can I say? She is amazing and kind and listens to you and helps you get through whatever you’re feeling and experiencing. Her knowledge and kindness is amazing really! With her support I made peace with my past and went from being a victim to a CRATOR. I was reborn at 45 and I did it so easily and quickly under her guidance, her expertise, her kindness and her friendship. I truly recommend Weam to anyone who is going through something major or little or even someone who just want to talk and to be listened. I am grateful and I thank god everyday for make our paths crossed.


Weam’s approach to growth and evolution is effective because she takes knowledge from her academic credentials and combines it with experiences of life which gives her such remarkable insight! She really has a deeper understanding of human nature, psychology, physiology, spirituality, and the value of honest meaningful personal connections and relationships. Her desire to help others heal is genuine and can be realized in her patience and willingness to listen. It is her inquisitive nature that keeps her evolving as a therapist and takes all those who wish to learn and grow along with her. Your realness is what keeps me coming back!