About Weam

Weam, is my Arabic name that literally means harmony, tolerance and love. 

I’m a naturally happy and positive person.  I am wired to see solutions before the problem has overpowered a situation or a person.  I help others to see life’s circumstances clearly, consciously and abundantly. I see the good in people and truly believe that everyone is deserving of this inexplicable abundance the world has to offer!   But here’s what I understand–before we can reach the goodness of an abundant life, we must get through the B.S. of the past!!  The journey requires that we understand who we really are and what abundance looks like and feels like for each of us before we can manifest more.

SO…. in order to help others in relieving their suffering in the most effective and compassionate way, I dedicated years in academic study, clinical and personal therapy and continuing education.  I immersed myself in evidence-based practices that work to help relieve suffering! Personally, I have travelled to India, lived-in South-East Asia and studied in the West.  I have gone through my own spiritual journey to learn the skills and tools of WEAM in order to show up as my best self to be of service to others!

My purpose in this life is to promote personal awareness and alignment so that individuals know they are MORE than their past, MORE than the stories they’ve been told and MORE than the old destructive belief systems they have internalized along the way.  WEAM will benefit even those individuals who have benefited from talk therapy but are left feeling hopeless and without tools. 

Give me an opportunity to guide you to your most abundant life, towards wisdom, elevation, awareness and manifestation!