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A transformational therapist & unshakable optimist to help guide you towards the vision of your HIGHEST self!

Hi, I am WEAM!

 BHs., MSc.

I’ve been a clinical therapist for many years, helping to relieve suffering through knowledge, compassion and healing energetic safe spaces.  I lead with the belief that individuals are innately good and have the POWER to heal their pain and elevate to their higher selves!  

With a deep understanding and my experience of clinical practice from the west and merging it with the ancient wisdom from the east, through my travels and own journey, I have developed TRANSFORMATIVE, ACTION BASED and PRACTICAL tools to quickly guide you to a happy, fulfilled and abundant LIFE!   There have been tremendous TRANSFORMATIONS that came from this dance between Science & Spirituality!


The WEAM program is a customized journey that addresses your individual needs and encompasses multiple stages that intertwine together resulting in profound progress!  The stages are


We start the journey by understanding your personal history– a collection of your experiences, thoughts and reflections–which is utilized to evaluate what has led to your personality (PERSONAL REALITY) and acknowledges where and who you would like to be. Knowledge leads to understanding, which leads to the second phase, ELEVATION!


ELEVATION occurs once you are EMPOWERED by the understanding of your personal history.  With knowledge and understanding, the fear and resistance which has kept you in a vicious cycle of suffering naturally diminishes.

In the phase of ELEVATION, you will continue to be empowered by the tools that are customized to your needs to elevate you beyond your current state of being.  The tools stem from meditation techniques, breath work and abundance building through journaling and introspection.  Through this phase, you are continuously elevated through the RELEASE & ACCEPTANCE of what you have learned and understood (in Wisdom).   


Most often, this phase works simultaneously with ELEVATION. As you become more aware of what’s been keeping you from truly being happy and fulfilled, you now have the upper hand on moving beyond its control.   

This is where you sharpen your INNER COMPASS! You become aware to what the realness of the world has to offer you.  Here is where you transform from a VICTIM to a CREATOR of the abundant self and life you know has been waiting for you! Clarity, CALM and peace shine over you as you mentally and emotionally prepare for the final phase, MANIFESATION!


The work you’ve done in the previous phases has now prepared you for this most powerful and transcending phase!  You have worked to re-wire yourself into a new being by ridding yourself of maladaptive habits that have led to repeated and needless suffering.  You have chosen a new path.  You have been reborn into the new life and PERSONAL REALITY that you deserve!

Take a look at others who have experienced real life transformations and profound manifestations through the WEAM program!

Listen! However you ended up on my page, I want to THANK YOU! Remember, coincidences are messages and there is always a reason for something to come into your life or on your screen 😉

Sending you LOVE & ABUNDANCE!